Breakfast greens

I need to replace the batteries in my camera, so you don’t get a photo of the amazing turkey burger from Eleven City Diner I scarfed down for lunch.  They season the turkey really well and the meat is so juicy and flavorful that I prefer it to pretty much any burger except the Millman at Uncommon Ground.

Tonight’s dinner was last night’s leftovers (Green eggplant – still not awesome).  Breakfast was this:

I’m a big fan of savory breakfast.  I’m not big on breakfast cereals – most of them taste like the core of a roll of paper towels drenched in sugar, though I will eat granola sometimes and oatmeal in the winter.  Last year I started buying eggs only from Pork Lady, who deserves an entry of her own soon.  Her hens get to eat whatever they want, including bugs. Bugs are key. Her eggs can be speckled and brown or pale green, with dark golden yolks and an intense eggy flavor.

The greens are a mix of beet greens and spinach, thrown in a steamer basket with a chopped clove of garlic and steamed until tender.  I season them with a little butter and some sea salt before eating.  The eggs are boiled and seasoned with salt and pepper.


I make many versions of this for breakfast, including:

  • Poached eggs served on top of the greens and doused in fresh salsa.
  • Over-easy egg on top of a pile of raw arugula
  • Steam the Swiss chard with garlic and crushed red pepper
  • Mix radish greens and beet greens
  • Put the greens & some crumbled feta inside a 2-egg omelet

What’s your favorite savory breakfast?


2 responses to “Breakfast greens

  1. I recently tried some savory oatmeal. I cooked oatmeal on the stove, and added some greens, garlic, and salsa. I think I threw in some scallions, too.

    I used to be really into sweet breakfast, but I’m starting to really enjoy savory stuff. I think it doesn’t “set me off” as much.

    • How did it turn out? I can’t parse oatmeal + garlic – my brain refuses to handle the information.

      I have a dinner recipe from Deborah Madison that involves quinoa, scallions, chopped jalapeno, corn, greens, and crumbled feta that could be good for dinner OR breakfast.

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