Food diary: August 27 + 28

I love tortilla soup.  The best tortilla soup I’ve ever eaten was at Rique’s Restaurant in Uptown, but I’m going to say, this stuff from Feast in Wicker Park is pretty darn good.  It’s sufficiently salty, and the sliced avocado is a really nice touch.

For the main course I had the grilled chicken sandwich, which I’ll just title “The Most Basic American Food.”

It’s too big, a bit bland, and has bacon on it.  That’s how you know you are in America!  Yeah!

It was well-seasoned and had avocado on it (which I was clearly craving), and the accompanying home fries were golden and delicious, but my friend L’s black bean burger kicked its ass.  Fortunately L. was nice and let me trade half a sandwich for half a tender patty of black bean and quinoa goodness.

I would go back to Feast, a trip that necessitates both the eL and the extremely inconsistent #50 Damen bus (Bushole!), solely to eat that burger.

For breakfast I had Kashi with blueberries:

When I lived in New York, I felt like I could know people for years and never once step inside their homes.  Space is at such a premium, and privacy is at such a premium, and there is a whole giant city to go and play in, so while a few key people had movie night or games night, most of the time when you meet up socially it’s “Where should we meet?”  In Chicago, we also have a huge city to play in, but I’d say 80% of my social interactions in a given week are of the “Come over, let’s cook and watch something” variety because most of us are living in big pre-War housing with big kitchens, and most all of us are nerds, and most of us like to feed people.  So Thursday nights I go to see T. and B. and they make me food and then we watch movies or serial television (like The Wire from beginning to end, which you really should watch if you haven’t) in their basement that’s tricked out as a screening room with multiple couches. Last night’s dinner was “make your own tacos” + the second half of Torchwood: Children of Earth.

This morning I ate this:

Later today I am going to Mitsuwa.  I will take pictures, and if the plan goes right I will come home with tofu, udon, cellophane noodles, black bean sauce, and all the Pocky.


One response to “Food diary: August 27 + 28

  1. I can’t wait to see your pics of Mitsuwa! I’ve always wanted to go, but have never been.

    Also, thank you for making a food blog. I am a huge fan of food blogs.

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