I teach college and am between semesters.  P., like many in this economy, is between jobs.  We’ve been trying to make the most of our time off by having Friday Adventures, where we go explore some part of Chicago when everyone else is at work, like poking around Graceland Cemetery and looking at the graves of the people all the streets and buildings are named after or doing a walking/eating tour of Chinatown.

Today it involved a trip to Mitsuwa, the Japanese supermarket in Arlington Heights, to stock up on cheap groceries and eat inexpensive sushi and giant bowls of udon soup from the food court.  Mine (above) had tempura shrimp, greenbeans, and a slice of acorn squash.  P’s had chicken.  Both came with a little tray of ginger pickles.  We also split some tuna and avocado sushi, which for less than $7 was fresh and perfect.

I put more photos up here, so feel free to explore the giant, brightly-lit aisles full of noodles, soy sauce, tea, and hundreds of snack foods represented by cute cartoon characters.  What you really need to know can be summed up very simply:

Hello Panda brings only sadness, but Koala Yummies bring joy.

Happy weekend, everyone.


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