Lincoln Square Farmer’s Market

Visiting the Lincoln Square Farmer’s Market is one of my favorite rituals of the week.  It’s social, it’s full of eye candy, Meinl gives away free coffee, and at the end I come home with a bag of food.

Last week I had a faculty meeting on Tuesday morning, so P. did my marketing for me.   He came back raving about Donut Man and his delicious donuts and how he got the last one and that this week we needed to get up early enough to get a custard donut from Donut Man.

Mission accomplished.

We paid a visit to Pork Lady.  Sadly she was sold out of ham steaks.  Happily her summer helpers made samples of homemade mac & cheese with Polish sausage.  Happy animals cared for by good people make amazing meat.  I can’t even describe how much better it is than things you get in the grocery store, to the point that grocery store meat is “Why bother?  I’d rather eat tofu” but Pork Lady meat takes on an almost religious significance – when I serve it to others, all I hear is chewing and the words “Oh my god…unghhhhhh…”

I really want to go down to the farm to help out sometime.  I’d also like to go and take pictures and maybe some video.

Today’s market haul was small – some chicken and pork, some carrots, white nectarines, the last blueberries of the season, tomatoes.  I’m thinking about making another batch of eggplant pasta sauce for dinner.

I really like the people and the produce from Peasants’ Plot.  They are a great local source of beets, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, chard, kale, and arugula and the sellers are super-friendly and full of recipe recommendations.  Those are their tomatoes in the top image.

If you’d like to see more photos of the market, I uploaded them here.  I’ll leave you with a suggestive smile from Flower Guy.


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