Diets are bullshit. Also, food bloggers are not like Highlanders.

I guess I’m an official blogger, now that I’ve gotten my first spam from the diet industry for “weight loss software” and my first concern troll worried about my health.

Here are my feelings on diets:

  • You should eat whatever you want, whenever you want, as much as you want, in whatever manner makes you feel good, however you define that for yourself.
  • You cannot tell how healthy or unhealthy someone is by looking at them.
  • There is no way of eating that will guarantee that you never get sick or age or die.  You are probably better off focusing on healthy behaviors that make you feel good now (enjoying your food, getting adequate nutrition, getting exercise in a way that you enjoy), than chasing the latest headlines on what foods prevent or increase what illnesses.
  • Our culture is fucked up about food.  People who try to tell you what and how to eat generally have their own issues that they are taking out on you by pretending to be worried about your health.  It’s okay to tell them to mind their own business.

Eyes on your own plate, everyone.

In other awkward news, I started this site without Googling the name.  I liked the book by Steingarten, it sounded like a nice name, it described me pretty well, it was free on WordPress, no one would ever read it anyway, what the hell.

So then I found out that there is a pretty famous Serious Eats photographer/food blog by the same name.  Awkward.

So I wrote to her:

I made a food blog.  And I named it inspired by the same book you did,
and because it sounded nice, and since the name wasn’t taken on
Wordpress I didn’t think twice about it, until someone linked me to
you, and now I feel embarrassed and weird.

Sorry to be a dick.  My blog has the same title as yours.  And yours
is awesome and I would totally have read it if I knew about it before
last week.  File this under First World problems, I guess?  If you’re
ever in Chicago we could arm wrestle or I could buy you Hot Doug’s,


And then she wrote back:


2) HI!

Thanks for emailing me about your blog! I didn’t even know about! I mean, at first I thought you were the person behind but I guess that’s just another person who likes Jeffrey Steingarten and didn’t blog existed…oops. Now there are three of us. :O

Our schedules didn’t line up for her most recent trip to Chicago, but she posted her awesome photos.    Food bloggers are not like Highlanders. There can be more than one.


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  1. “food bloggers are not like highlanders”

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