I met my friend B. for lunch today at Semiramis on Kedzie.  I used to live around the corner and live on their roast chicken special.  Then my friends and I ordered delivery from there so much that we confused John, the delivery guy – he’d deliver to me at home one night and then three nights later I’d be the one to get the door at someone else’s place.  Delivery has sadly become a casualty of the economy and because John moved back to Jordan. But happily, the hummus remains the same.

We started with some hummus and the dish of salty green olives and pickled radishes they bring out when you sit down.   We both had glasses of the tart homemade lemonade, and we each had the kefte sandwich.  It’s seasoned lamb and beef grilled and wrapped in soft lavosh bread and filled with tahini and some vegetables.  That little red pile on the side is a cold potato salad.

Makes me wish I still lived right around the corner.

Last night I made a ribeye with Alton Brown’s recipe, which is perfect for getting a nice crust on the outside of the meat while making the middle a uniform medium rare that melts in your mouth.  For dessert I had a scoop of marzipan ice cream with homemade blueberry sauce on top.


6 responses to “Semiramis

  1. Where. Thefuck. Did you get marzipan ice cream?????? I would like to put that in my face now. NOW.

  2. From the makers of Hubby-Hubby.

    It’s on the sweet side, but I keep the blueberries nice and tart, so it all worked.

  3. Woohoo! I hope to be putting it in face very soon. I wish I had eaten at Semiramis more times before we left town. Mmmmm. Garlic Baby Sauce.

    • I hear Portland is a great food town – what’s your Middle Eastern joint like?

      P.S. I recently found out that the blueberry sauce + vodka + seltzer = delicious.

  4. OMG that hummus looks divine. The pickles are turnips (dyed), not radishes….at least that’s the traditional middle eastern pickle you get everywhere I’ve been.

    will have to try the marzipan ice cream….I love marzipan.


    • Thanks for the clarification – I’ve always wondered what they are, since they look like beets but are clearly not beets.

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