I went to the Ann Arbor area this weekend, renting a lake house with some friends.  We grilled things.  There was cider, and pumpkin doughnuts made to order and rolled in cinnamon and sugar.  There was wine and charcuterie.  We had dinner at the legendary Zingerman’s Roadhouse– where I had a dinner of fried chicken with a side of mac & cheese and greens.  I vote yes on Pimento Cheese and also on Turkey Jerky from the store in Dexter that sold only wine, cheese, and homemade jerky.  I would share photographs with you, but I didn’t take any of food.  I have a strict policy on no-interrupting-the-fun-to-photograph-the-fun.

Now I’m back.  I started coming down with something the day before we left, and it developed into a cold/sore throat and my first ear infection which is apparently so gross and red that my doctor squealed “Oh my god, your ear!” when she looked into it.  Since returning, I’ve been living on Advil PM, Amoxycillin, and chicken soup from El Ranchito. The soup is in a rich yellow broth with potatoes and carrots and whole pieces of chicken that you can shred into the soup.  One $5.50 order makes three meals. I garnish with the onion and cilantro that comes on the side.

P. made the market run for me this morning, picking up corn, broccoli, red potatoes, eggs, bell peppers, and onions.  I’m sure I’ll start cooking again…tomorrow.  In the meantime, a little steamed broccoli with butter and salt is comforting.


2 responses to “Broccoli

  1. Feel better. Never good when you gross the doctor out.

    I may be in your neck of the woods again in a couple weeks. I’ve been missing the faster pace of your pre-class posts. Maybe seeing you in person will give me my fix. 🙂

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