Sunday Dinner

A couple weeks ago, Pork Lady ran an unheard-of $1.99/lb sale on ham.  So I found myself with a 3 pounder in the freezer, wondering what to do with it.

Glaze the daylights out of it, bake it, and eat it for dinner tonight and sliced for lunch all week.  That’s what to do with it.

I adapted this recipe for a brown sugar and orange juice glaze in a savory direction by adding a tsp. of dijon mustard and a good helping of fresh ground black pepper to the glaze.   The pan juices are savory and salty, and a little bit spooned over the meat is just right. Served with redskin potatoes and steamed greenbeans.  The house smells so good right now, you don’t even know.

I forsee ham sandwiches on baguette with dijon mustard and some kind of lentil or white-bean soup made with the bone.  What’s your favorite use for leftover baked ham?


One response to “Sunday Dinner

  1. Oh, what a lovely bounty!

    I am a big fan of ham, pea, and cheese quiche. Your cheddar would be lovely.

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