Diane B. packed the best lunch

Long ago when I worked in an office, lunch was the best part of the day.

The office, in downtown Washington D.C., was surrounded by great lunch spots.  Greek deli could feed you for a week with leftovers from the small veggie plate.  Le Cafe des Amis du Cafe featured secret Ethiopian lunch specials home-cooked by the owners each day.  A joint down the street wrapped tandoori-grilled meat inside fresh naan every day for about $6.00.  My coworkers were young, smart, and very social, and lunch was always a great break from the long workday.

One coworker packed her lunch every day, and ate it with a small group in a conference room.  She was a great cook, and she lived with a Dutch boyfriend who believed in cheese, chocolate, and really good bread.  Her lunches were the envy of everyone.  They were three or four courses – a cup of homemade soup, with a small garden salad, and some fruit and nuts, and a piece of cheese or chocolate.  A small sandwich on crusty bread, maybe with proscuitto and sliced figs, with a green salad and a leftover piece of spice cake. Each thing was lovingly packed and carefully unwrapped and consumed with relish.   I haven’t spoken with her in a long time, but I’ll never forget Diane B.’s beautiful lunches.  Makes me want to get a Mr. Bento and start packing beautiful lunches of my own.


4 responses to “Diane B. packed the best lunch

  1. i’m very careful of my plastics, so i tracked down one that doesn’t leech. combine it with the lunch one, and a thermos? extra fantastic.


    to go ware has some awesome tiffins


    we’ve had laptop lunch boxes for about three years now, and they work perfectly for the kids (we just tossed the water bottles because i’m hesitant about the #2 plastic)



    i have a friend from japan who is going to hook me up with some new and exciting bento options, i can’t wait!

  2. and you used to give me hell about the crap I brought in my lunch…..dried noodles with a chemical packet, dried rice/soup with a side of extra sodium…..sigh…I don’t remember DianeB, but her lunches sound much better.

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