Market haul + breakfast, 9/29

It’s the day before payday.  I had $12 in my wallet when I went to the market this morning. While the last tomatoes of the year were tempting, the crisp fall weather gave me other priorities.  I put my money into 1) camera batteries 2) apples 3) cinnamon-swirl bread from Bread Man 4) some great cheddar from Cheese Lady, solving breakfast for the week and allowing me to photograph the leftovers of last night’s soup.

The bread is amazing.  It’s dense and made my bag reek of cinnamon.  Ingredients are:  Unbleached flour, water, honey, yeast, salt, cinnamon.  It wants to be toasted, with butter.  I obliged it.

Maybe tomorrow it will want to be French toast, and later in the week, bread pudding.  Who knows?  I will do whatever it tells me.


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