Gimme a blanket and a hot beverage

I stopped into the Beans and Bagels two days in a row for their ancho chili hot chocolate, so it must be fall.

What’s your cold weather beverage?  Were you excited when the pumpkin spice lattes came back at Starbucks?  Do you get excited for chai?


7 responses to “Gimme a blanket and a hot beverage

  1. robiewankenobie

    or pumpkin spice chai, even.

    i must say that i’m fairly distressed – i don’t have a winter drink, yet!!!

  2. I do love the pumpkin chai, but my FAVORITE winter drink is the peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks… but your drink looks amazing too 🙂

  3. Oh, Barthelona Hot Chocolate from Angel Food Bakery, I choose YOU.

    It comes in tiny little cups because, srs, that’s PLENTY.

  4. I really really miss the Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate at *$.

    • Oh man, that drink was dessert in a cup! I love anything that has salty caramel in it – Haagen Daz has a great salty caramel flavor ice cream.

  5. Ooh! The Barthelon Hot Chocolate is lovely!

    This morning, I went for Linz & Vail chai, while wearing my red wool fall coat.

  6. Coffee with cocoa mix in it. This is for those mornings when I’m too lazy or cold to leave the house for a mocha. I just grab my biggest mug, dump in a few spoonfuls of hot cocoa mix (I’m loving the Trader Joe’s mint cocoa mix right now) and then pour in coffee. Keeps me going.

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