Salad Nicoise + search terms

If you take today’s market haul and added grilled tuna and a mustardy vinaigrette, you get today’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch.

I boiled some potatoes, eggs, and green beans until the veggies were tender and the eggs were cooked through and added them to a plate of red lettuce, tomato, and radishes.  The vinaigrette is 1 clove of garlic, salt, pepper, 3 parts olive oil, 1 part red wine vinegar, and a tsp of dijon mustard.  I drizzled it over the salad and marinated a tuna steak in it before grilling in a very hot pan.  I didn’t have any olives in the house, sadly, but it still came out great. This recipe from Simply Recipes is also quite nice, but the great thing about living on soups and salads it that they are forgiving and adaptable to whatever you have around.

One of the odder pleasures of blogging is getting to see what search terms people used to find your site. Here is a list of today’s:

  • green eggplant
  • fat people eat too much
  • fat people eat
  • what overweight people eat
  • oberweis racist comments
  • honey ginger salmon
  • crustless quiche lorraine

I don’t know what to say except “huh” and “Enjoy the quiche recipe, it’s a keeper.”


5 responses to “Salad Nicoise + search terms

  1. I LOVE salad nicoise. One of my favorites!

    • I should have posted this, but I learned how to make this when I was a little kid at College Academy, aka, Nerd Camp. There was a cooking class called “Bon Appetit!” We used canned tuna. I think I drove my mom crazy with all my ingredient requests. I also learned to make brioche filled with chocolate using Pillsbury crescent roll dough.

      Sometimes it mystifies me that my little brother went to culinary school and I went to book-learning school, since I was a nerd about food from way back.

  2. I love looking at my search terms too. Although the first 2/3 of my list every day is some variation on bacon pie, bacon apple, bacon apple pie, pie with bacon, bacon with apples, and my personal favorite “does bacon really make everything better?”

    • Ha, you can be “Eli, who combines bacon with apples” and I will be “Jennifer, fat girl with a good quiche recipe, who thinks Jim Oberweis is a racist.”

  3. Somebody found my site today by searching the phrase “colors and impressions.” I wonder if my site shed any light on their color and/or impression queries.

    Also, that salad looks amazing.

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