Pumpkin bread

Unlike Gisella, I get really excited about pumpkin-flavored breads and pies at this time of year.  Like Gisella, I also get excited about savory pumpkin dishes, and will be giving that pumpkin-bacon pasta thing a whirl and also posting my recipe for a squash soup where you put a piece of bacon in the soup and use it as a stirrer – it flavors the soup, and you get to eat crispy bacon.  However, my downstairs neighbors put their Christmas decorations up today and it’s kind of freaking me out, and I’m not ready for the whole “HARK HOW THE BELLS SWEET SILVER BELLS, PUT MORE SUGAR IN YOUR FACE AND BUY THIS THING!” extravaganza that will soon be upon us.

But right now, I’d like to tell you that if you take this recipe for banana bread, substitute one 15-oz can of pumpkin for the bananas, you can make pumpkin bread.  I also use 1/2 white and 1/2 brown sugar and sprinkle in some cinnamon and nutmeg.  It took me 10 minutes to mix everything together (if you don’t count the 15 minute grocery store run when I found out I was out of baking soda).  I’ll be taking it out of the oven in about 45 minutes and eating some warm with a scoop of coffee ice cream for dessert and then again plain for breakfast.



6 responses to “Pumpkin bread

  1. I’m VERY intrigued by the bacon pumpkin pasta thing….details? 😀

  2. Pumpkin breeeeeeeeead. I really like it for breakfast with a slathering of cream cheese. And that pasta dish looks ridiculously good, I’ll have to put bacon on the shopping list.

  3. I literally take any piece of leftover quick bread, butter both sides and and lightly fry them in a pan. Then I top with peanut butter and die of sheer happiness. 🙂

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