Vegetable soup with beef

Lani's beef vegetable soup recipe

Three things:

1.  It is colder than a witch’s tit here in Chicago.

2.  I have not been blogging because I’ve been busy finishing graduate school.

3.  I really like the moment when all the stuff you put together in a pot becomes soup.  One minute it’s just ingredients.  Apply heat and time, and pretty soon it’s soup.

This recipe is stolen from L. and then adapted to  how I remember it going together.  It’s like that can of Campbell’s chunky vegetable with beef, only much fresher and tastier and you don’t get that weird dog food smell that happens whenever you open the can.


  • 1.25 lbs beef stew, cut into small bite-sized pieces.  Vegetarians can totally omit this and substitute vegetable broth for the broth, below.  Vegetarians know this, I’m pretty sure, so I’ll say no more about it.
  • 1 medium yellow onion, diced.
  • 3 large carrots, chopped.
  • 2 handfuls of green beans, ends snapped off and weird parts cut out.
  • 1/2 a small cabbage chopped into bite sized bits.  Even if you think you don’t like cabbage, it is crucial to this soup.  Something about the cabbage + tomato juice in the V-8 + hot pepper creates sweet & spicy magic.
  • 1 small can of corn.
  • 1 large carton chicken broth.
  • 1 large bottle (at least 1 quart) of V-8 juice.
  • Olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme, crushed red or cayenne pepper.


  1. Brown the beef in the oil.
  2. Add the onions, cook a few minutes until translucent.
  3. Add all the rest of the vegetables except the corn, the broth, the V-8, a few good shakes of salt and pepper, a tsp. of dried thyme, and a pinch of cayenne or a shake of crushed red pepper.
  4. Bring to boil.
  5. Turn down heat, simmer for 20 minutes or until you achieve soup.
  6. Stir in the corn, cook for 2 more minutes.
  7. Serve with crusty bread.

Feeds a crowd, better the second day, freezes well.   What more do you want?  An artsy photo?  Ok, fine.  I used the macro lens and everything.

Artsy photo of beef vegetable soup


2 responses to “Vegetable soup with beef

  1. Woot! I thought about making this tonight until the Unfortunate Kitchen Water Incident of this morning.

    As the aforementioned L., my only notes are
    1) I’ve tried it with V-8 before, but find I get better results (to my taste) with straight up tomato juice and a pinch extra cayenne. I begin to think my purchases of tomato juice are the ones keeping the Harvestime stocking it.
    2) WORD on the cabbage. It’s weird, but without it the soup just falls flat.

    • I’ll try it with tomato juice next time. Also, there is a VAT of it in my fridge, so holler if you’d like to escape your wet kitchen of doom later.

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