Blackened salmon with rice salad

salmon with rice salad

I bought a beautiful piece of salmon on Friday but this weekend I’ve been a social butterfly and never had time to eat it.  So today was my last chance.  I rubbed it with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and dijon mustard and sprinkled it with some herbs de Provence and let it sit for a little while.  I cooked it in a very hot saute pan in a little olive oil until the outside was crisp and the inside was *just* cooked all the way through.

While the salmon was cooking, I improvised a salad out of leftovers/odds/ends.  Leftover rice, heated up.  A few pine nuts.  Some slightly wilted romaine that needed to be used up. Olive oil, salt, a squeeze of lemon, fresh ground pepper, and a few gratings of good parmesan. Easy, healthy, quick dinner or lunch for one.

Speaking of salads, I recently attempted to recreate something delicious I had at The Bristol with pretty good results.  It might be my new favorite salad for this time of year. It was a salad with granny smith apple, flakes of manchego cheese, hazelnuts, parsley, and watercress in a lemon/olive oil dressing.  My local grocery doesn’t have fresh watercress, so romaine had to substitute, and I tossed in some pine nuts that I had in the house in place of hazelnuts, but even thus bastardized it made a nice little crunchy lemony green party in my mouth.


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