My lunch can beat up your lunch

Trattoria Trullo in my neighborhood is having weekday lunch specials.  Get a panini + cup of soup + soft drink or pizza + soft drink for $7.95 + tax.

Fresh bread at Trattoria Trullo

First they bring you a small basket of warm, soft, light bread to dip in olive oil and fresh grated parmesan.

Pizza Trullo:  Italian sausage, cerignola olives, provolone

This is the Pizza Trullo:  A very thin crust lightly brushed with tomato sauce and topped with provolone, crumbled sausage, and sliced cerignola olives.

dining room at Trattoria Trullo

I’m also a big fan of their seafood salad (squid, calamari, and shrimp tossed with olive oil, lemon, and radicchio), their homemade cavatelli with basil and tomato, and the way the sun pours into their dining room on a frigid winter day.


One response to “My lunch can beat up your lunch

  1. I love this place! Last time I went I had their seasonal vegetables risotto and it was the bomb. This is one of the best Italian restaurants I have tried in Chicago yet and I am really picky when it comes to Italian food, having dated several Italian guys in the past and coming from a coming from a country neighboring Italy.

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