Winter greens & potato hash

I borrowed this recipe from the lovely Twistie at Manolo for the Big Girl, and she borrowed it from the divine Deborah Madison to whom this blog has become a shrine.

Visual presentation is not the point of this dish – it looks like a science project as you get to the end, but the flavor is amazing.  I wish I had used kale or chard or a sturdier green than spinach – I think with spinach you can probably skip the step where you heat it in the pot with water and just fold it raw into the skillet and let it wilt.  For a cheese, may I recommend crumbled feta?  Serves 2 as a main dish, 4 as a side dish to something else.  I wonder how it would do with a white fish that has been baked in foil in the oven on a bed of leeks with white wine?  Tomorrow I shall test it out as breakfast food by popping a gently fried egg on top of it and breaking the yolk so everything gets all runny.


2 responses to “Winter greens & potato hash

  1. So glad you enjoyed it! Mr. Twistie is definitely hoping for another helping soon.

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