I had a physical last week with my primary care doctor.  I chose her a year or so ago out of a list of available providers from my insurance company, not knowing what to expect.  I got a competent friendly doctor who treats me like a person and not an illness, listens to me, makes good recommendations, and once yelled “OMG, YOUR EAR!” when I showed up with an ear infection and she looked into the ear.  It went like this:

Doctor:  “OMG YOUR EAR!…um…what I meant to say is that you appear to have a serious ear infection.”

Me:  “Wow, what did you see in there?”

Doctor:  “Gross! Pulsating redness!  Pus!  Antibiotics now!…um…what I meant to say is that I’ll be writing you a prescription for antibiotics.”

She’s the one who has helped me get my asthma under control.  She never brings up dieting and, while unaware of Health At Every Size before I presented her with a copy of the book last week, she’s always treated me the same way she’d treat a thin person showing the same problems.  Before last week she’d only seen me when I was ill (OMG YOUR EAR!), so it was good to get an exam and establish a baseline.  Some results:

  • I see an orthopedist tomorrow for my wonky knee that is consistently swollen to twice the size of the other knee.  (OMG YOUR KNEE!)
  • I have a recommendation for a sleep study to look into possible sleep apnea.  I need to call my insurance company to pre-authorize the care, but every time I do I get lost in a sea of voice mail menus and then after 15 minutes of listening to options and pressing the required button get told to try my call again later.  (OMG YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE!)
  • Blood tests came in.  Normal cholesterol.  Normal blood sugar.  Normal thyroid….OMG, ANEMIA!

This would explain weird bruises that don’t heal, some of the drowsy tiredness I’ve been feeling, and why I’m short of breath despite taking a steroid inhaler, a steroid nasal spray, and a rescue inhaler for asthma.  Prescription:  A woman’s multivitamin with iron every day, and I should feel better in about a month.

I picked up some vitamins and have started the regime.  I’m glad to have such a simple fix, but I’m a pill wussy from way back. The pills are giant and smell of cat food and it is imperative that they not touch my tongue or I will gag them back up.  Can anyone recommend a smaller vitamin?  Something with a coating that doesn’t reek of Iams?

Actual size.


9 responses to “Checkup

  1. That’s great that you found such an awesome doctor! I am not proud to say that after 1.5 years in Chicago I still don’t have a physician. Could you email me the name of yours if you wouldn’t mind?

    Well, at least I have a dentist, a dental surgeon, and a root canal guy.

  2. Thank you so much! My dentist is Glenn Ulffers:

    Some reviews of him on Yelp say that he is rude but he has never been rude to me. Everybody there is really nice and he works with some really great doctors if you have to have something like a root canal done.

  3. WRT: Multivitamins

    There is no shame in hitting the Flintstones:

    It even SAYS on the website that the dose for ADULTS and kids over 4 is a tablet a day. I bet you could take two.

    I was always partial to the grape flavored ones, meself.

    • That might turn out to be the plan, though I’m finding that I can get the horse pills down with orange juice instead of water. The OJ hides the cat food flavor and the Vitamin C helps absorb the iron, or so I’m told.

  4. I find that the One-A-Day Women’s have no smell or taste, though they are pretty big. Or you could get gummy vitamins – I think Trader Joe’s makes an adult version, even – and supplement with an iron pill. I get the CVS ones and they are small and flavor/scentless.

  5. hey! I have issues with adult pill vitamins — not so much the gagging but I get a horrible vile stomach ache no matter how I take them.



  6. Hey, I love your blog 🙂 I also hate horse pills lol, I used to take a multivit and a b12, but now I just take them in isotonic form, I DRINK THEM 😀 so easy. I also tried Flintstones but there are some scary ingredients so I decided to stop.

    don’t stop posting! 🙂

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