Market Haul, 6/15

Market Haul, 6/14

Strawberries, rasberries, beets & their greens, peas, pork, lamb, cheese, eggs, sunflowers, asparagus, and my very own herb garden (which I will try very very very hard not to kill).

I have some smoked salmon and some gorgonzola in the fridge, and I’m a bit torn.  Do I make penne and then toss it with smoked salmon, gorgonzola, peas, asparagus, and fresh herbs, or do I use the smoked salmon and eggs and asparagus and fresh herbs to make a crustless quiche and eat that all week?


4 responses to “Market Haul, 6/15

  1. what a dilemma! Either way, just let me know what time I should come over for dinner. 😉

    Isn’t the arrival of summer just GRAND!


    • Summer is 1,000 times grander when it arrives in Chicago, aka, The Frozen North. Berries!

      Stop by for dinner anytime!

  2. Quiche quiche!

    I have already killed one of the herbs in my tub. I am a cilantro murderer.

    • Maybe it just committed cilantrocide!

      I am not really allowed to have living plants in my home, but I forget this every year and foolishly say that “this time will be different!”

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