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Requiem for a soup

I’m a soup-making fiend!

This morning I made mushroom soup, also by adapting one of Anne-Catherine Bley’s recipes, to take to a brunch party along with the leftovers of the carrot-ginger soup.  These recipes are more of a method where you start with onions or shallots cooking in olive oil, add a vegetable you like and some broth or water, cook until tender, puree, and serve – sometimes you add the creamy substance (coconut milk) during the simmer, sometimes you stir it in at the end (cream or milk).  Her squash and/or pumpkin soups are served with a crisp piece of bacon to use as an edible stirrer.  If you can make one, you can make them all.  Cauliflower leek?  Broccoli puree?  Tomato ginger?  You’ll be seeing a lot of them in this space in coming weeks because they are so simple, cheap, and satisfyingly rich-but-healthy.  Keep reading for recipe and sad story.

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French lunch + Julie & Julia

Yesterday was “I will treat myself in small ways” day.  I bought a sandwich at Pastoral:  paté, gruyere, coarse mustard, and tiny sliced cornichons on a baguette.  The sandwich was so awesome my camera refused to fully focus on it.

I also hit a matinee of Julie & Julia, and you guys, I loved it.  I’d read reviews that the Julie parts were pretty dull compared to the Julia parts, and those reviewers weren’t wrong.  Ephron, Adams & Co. did their best with it, but let’s face it, watching someone blog is not exactly riveting cinema.

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