Carrot & coconut soup

If anyone’s still reading, this soup is pretty good.  It comes from the fabulous Anne-Catherine Bley, proprietor of Le Bar A Soupes in Paris.  I added about 1/3 cup of grated ginger, 3 cloves of garlic, and a pinch of curry powder to the mixture.  That was a good choice.



Bacon, goat cheese, red onion, tomato, and lettuce from the Andersonville Farmer’s Market.  Good work, farmers!


Last meal in Bali

Indonesia and the U.S. are strengthening educational ties.

This makes me want to get on a plane and go teach film classes in Indonesia for a year.  When winter returns to Chicago, double that.  In the meantime, it gives me the excuse to post pictures of things I ate and saw in Indonesia.  The dinner above is from a seafood place on the beach in Bali.  The cab driver taking me to the airport insisted that I go before leaving the country, and arranged to pick me up in enough time so I could have one last great meal before flying out.  You pick your fish out of a tank, they kill it and grill it for you and serve it with a big pile of spinach.  I had a squid and some tiger shrimp.

It’s a big world.  Go eat and drink it in.

Suck it, Wheaties

Summer breakfast of champions

Summer breakfast of champions:  Sauteed asparagus with an over-easy egg on top, one perfect sliced tomato, salt and pepper.

Braised chicken with lemon

This was tasty.


  • 2 lbs. chicken parts (could be split bone-in breasts, legs, thighs – whatever you like).
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 red onion, sliced
  • 4 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 5/8 cups chicken broth
  • 5 tablespoons white wine
  • 1 lemon, cut into wedges
  • 1 bunch of spinach or chard, chopped
  • Salt, pepper, and paprika
  • Optional, 1 bunch of herbs like fresh parsley, rosemary, and oregano tied with twine (a bouquet garni)
  • 2 dried red chilis

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Crustless quiche with smoked salmon, asparagus, and goat cheese

This should be amazing, but it’s just so-so.

I chopped up some asparagus and about 2 oz of smoked salmon and put those things in a buttered pie dish.  I poured in 4 eggs, beaten with a splash of milk and a sprinkle of fresh parmesan, and about 2 oz of crumbled goat cheese.  I salted and peppered.  I baked it in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes.

I really love all these ingredients, but it needs something else.  It’s just ok. I deem it “acceptable.” What would be better next time?  Chives?  Chopped red onion?  Dill? Fresh basil?  Roasted red peppers?

Market Haul, 6/15

Market Haul, 6/14

Strawberries, rasberries, beets & their greens, peas, pork, lamb, cheese, eggs, sunflowers, asparagus, and my very own herb garden (which I will try very very very hard not to kill).

I have some smoked salmon and some gorgonzola in the fridge, and I’m a bit torn.  Do I make penne and then toss it with smoked salmon, gorgonzola, peas, asparagus, and fresh herbs, or do I use the smoked salmon and eggs and asparagus and fresh herbs to make a crustless quiche and eat that all week?