I’m an amateur photographer, and this blog is partially a way to have fun by taking and sharing photos every day.

I started taking photos of food when traveling.

I’m a color junkie, and I think this sandwich (from a Paris cafe) is so beautiful.  And if I lived in Bali, I would eat fresh grilled seafood at Jimbaran Bay every single day. I’ve taken my share of photos of historical sites and attractions, but everyone always gloms onto the food pictures and I think I know why:  Food is so intimate and personal, and seeing what someone ate brings you into their life in a very immediate way.

Most of the time I’m a film teacher and independent filmmaker.  I love the energy of collaborating with people and being at the center of activity on a set, but it takes a long time for finished work to get out into the world.  Photography is private and immediate.

All photos on the blog were taken by me with a Canon A710 consumer-level camera with a broken lens cap.  I tend not to Photoshop them, though I might tweak color temperature a tiny bit in iPhoto because I have ugly kitchen lights. I host them at Flickr, and license them with Creative Commons.  Feel free to use anything you like for any non-commercial purpose, as long as you give photo credit and a link back to me.


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