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Italian deli

P.’s been doing the procuring and cooking of food this week, which means that we go to D’Amato’s Bakery for bread and soggy warm slices of their amazing cheese pizza (get 2 slices so you can eat one in the car) and then head next door to Bari for things like frozen goat cheese ravioli, homemade meatballs and Italian sausage, cerignola olives, and roasted red peppers.  Locating those two businesses next door is the very definition of synergy.

Let me tell you about today’s lunch sandwich, which I did not photograph because I am a fool:

  • Slice off some crusty D’amato’s bread
  • Lay down a thin bed of roasted red peppers
  • Top with a few paper-thin slices of genoa salami
  • Add the same amount of sopresatta
  • Add a thin slice of fontina
  • Put the other piece of bread on top and eat.




How to be a bridesmaid

L. (The Bride): Do you want to go to Hot Doug’s tomorrow and then come pick up/try on your bridesmaid’s dress?
Me: Yes.

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A good sign

If you walk into a tiny Asian restaurant and find this on your table, it’s a good sign, because it means that there will be soup.

Pho Dac Biet from Dong Ky, Uptown, Chicago

The broth is fragrant and beautiful on its own, and great for a stuffed-up head, but don’t be shy about making it spicy.

Customers at Dong Ky

And always remember to Enjoy Your Life.

Strawberry Bubble Tea from Dong Ky

All food from Dong Ky, Uptown, Chicago, Illinois.  Total bill for Pho Dac Biet and Strawberry Bubble Tea = $8.15.  This is why I live in cities.

When work eats your life, eat a sandwich.

I’m breaking out in deadlines all over, so home-cooked meals have fallen by the wayside this month.  Fortunately I live in the greatest sandwich town on earth.  For example:

Lechon sandwich from 90 Miles to Cuba

This is the Lechon sandwich from 90 Miles to Cuba.  Warning:  Their website is atrocious and plays music.  However, P. and I would be happy to redesign it in exchange for their delicious sandwiches.  It has roast pork, onions, plantains, and fresh lettuce, and a little bit of garlic sauce mashed between toasted bread.  Order it with fried yucca drizzled with garlic sauce and a mango shake.  And a cafe con leche (hot sweet coffee with condensed milk):

Cafe con leche

My other standby sandwich in this time of deadlines is the lox special from Beans & Bagels. Lox special from Beans & Bagels

Cream cheese, lox, capers, red onion, tomato, spinach on the bagel of your choice. You may also be interested to know that they’ve recently hired a pastry chef named Jean-Yves away from Dinkel’s.  He makes tarts, mousses, and croissants that are better than croissants I’ve eaten in France.   Some of them are filled with almond paste (my favorite), or chocolate, or cheese, or spinach, or ham and cheese (ask them to toast it for you and you have lunch!).

Some of the other greatest sandwiches in Chicago are:

  1. Croque Monsieur from Cafe Selmarie.
  2. Anything from Hot Doug’s – my favorite ever is an italian sausage dressed with pesto, fresh tomatoes, and burrata cheese.
  3. A sliced brisket sandwich from Smoque.
  4. A lamb kabob or kefte sandwich from Semiramis.
  5. The steak sandwich or shrimp B.L.T. po’ boy from Glenn’s Diner.
  6. The tortas you’ll wait an hour for at Xoco.

What’s your favorite sandwich at your favorite sandwich joint?


I met my friend B. for lunch today at Semiramis on Kedzie.  I used to live around the corner and live on their roast chicken special.  Then my friends and I ordered delivery from there so much that we confused John, the delivery guy – he’d deliver to me at home one night and then three nights later I’d be the one to get the door at someone else’s place.  Delivery has sadly become a casualty of the economy and because John moved back to Jordan. But happily, the hummus remains the same.

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Lincoln Square Farmer’s Market

Visiting the Lincoln Square Farmer’s Market is one of my favorite rituals of the week.  It’s social, it’s full of eye candy, Meinl gives away free coffee, and at the end I come home with a bag of food.

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