There should be a kit.

Blizzard survival kit

Several years ago, I interviewed local chef Enrique Cortes for a documentary.  He described the shock of coming to a Chicago winter from Mexico via San Diego, and he said that the city of Chicago should issue new residents a kit for dealing with winter upon arrival, like a snow shovel and an ice scraper.  Lincoln Square’s Fine Wine Brokers provide excellent instructions on how to build such a kit.

On another night I might stay in and drink red wine – the nice man at Fine Wine Brokers recommended several inexpensive bottles that pair well with lamb – but I’m due to read at Story Club.  Fortunately Uncommon Ground knows how to deal with winter, and soon a giant bowl of spiked coffee will be mine.


One response to “There should be a kit.

  1. Ha! Love it! (The Blizzard Survial Kit, that is.)

    My friend Sandy, who works at Fine Wine Brokers sent me a bottle of wine for the holidays, which I received on a nice snowy day. It was perfect for survival of this winter season.

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